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The Website uses cookies (small text files that are operated by the Website and saved on your device) and other similar technologies. The Website uses own cookies and technologies from third parties: Google Ireland Ltd. (including GoogleAnalytics), Facebook Ireland Inc. (including Facebook Pixel), LinkedIn Corp.(including LinkedIn Insight Tag).

The Website uses the tools indicated above for various purposes, including:

We use the following types of cookies:

Most of thecookies and other tools we use are not aimed to process or store personal dataand are not intended to directly identify you. They also do not change theuser’s browser settings or change the configuration of the user’s device.Exceptional situations, when data collected using cookies may be considered asyour personal data, as well as your related rights, are described in detail inthe relevant parts of the Privacy Policy.

Ways to disable cookies

Byaccessing our Website, you have the option of giving your consent to the use ofcookies for analytical and marketing purposes and cookies from third parties.Even if you have already agreed, you can still use the options described belowto opt-out. Any user can disable cookies in their web browser. In order tofacilitate the way of managing cookies, below are links to some pages dedicatedto specific browsers.

Users canalso set their browsers in a way so that they have to accept cookies each time.Then, the browser will ask the user for permission to grant access each timebefore granting access to the cookie. This gives the user control over what isstored on their device, however, it has the disadvantage that it slows down theability to navigate the Website and other websites.

Whenusing the opt-out option using the tools described above, please remember that:

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